Our latest music video is here! KDX Films are excited to announce the new music video for Ronan Parke’s comeback single ‘No Love (Like First Love)’. We had the opportunity of working with the former Britain’s Got Talent star on his new song, which has all the elements of a summer party anthem.

You can check out full details on our page here

The concept for the latest video as Ronan describes it was ‘fun, young and picturesque’ featured on a backdrop of summer in London, which was scorching in July. Pre-production started with scouting out London locations based on Ronan’s brief. The team meticulously planned the shots ahead of the shoot, scoping out several locations in and around London from Soho to the Thames. Ku Bar, a popular bar and club near Leicester Square was one of the locations that made it into the video. We shot using high grade led panels for light and a smoke machine, which contributed to Ronan’s sensory and intoxicating vibe in this scene.

Image KDX FILMS filming in London Picidilly Circus

Image KDX FILMS filming in London Picidilly Circus

In production, we shot scenes around London’s vibrant capital landmarks including the London Eye, Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. The Director, who took inspiration from Rita Ora’s recent music video ‘Anywhere’ used a sony fs5 with 4k raw, dji ronin stabilizer for smooth shots and the primary lens of choice was a vintage Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 35mm 2.4 which achieved excellent skintone rendition and super cool lens flare artifacts.

The cast and crew had a fantastic time and as always, the team worked incredibly hard to ensure that Ronan’s vision came to life. We are very proud of our latest work, which was a collaborative effort by everyone involved.

@RonanParke full album will drop later this year and his single is available on Spotify. You hope you enjoy the video!

KDX Films team.

Updated - 3rd August 2018

The Music video has since attracted press and Internet attention, notably being featured in Attitude magazine and Celebrity Gossip. 

Harlands Promo Video - this was great fun.

Harlands is a london based estate agency who wanted us to create a quirky and fun video to drive their promotions across TV and on their website

We started planning a few weeks before the shoot and were very happy to secure our lead role Edward Beasley. He is  charismatic and charming and really made the script come to life. We also had a number of extras on set who really exceeded our expectations on the day.

The Advert was co-directed with Harlands co- director Mafuz and our Director at KDX FILMS. 





Our Filming for "Simply Lizzie's" Dance School.

We had the privilege of producing a promotional video for Lizzie and her students across a number of her local dance classes in Hextable Kent. Her brand is "Simply Lizzie" which offers a number of tailor made clubs for small children and for young adults.

Lizzie is committed and driven and she effortlessly empowers her students with her infectious creative energy.


A few weeks ago our team headed down to a Southeast London white room to produce our second music video with the up and coming band THE ROYALS.

Check them out here

Some BTS and a write up will follow shortly.




Music Video Grade Sample

This was inspired by a few new music videos that have come out recently. I will be using this look again for sure.

even though we had the lighting pretty spot on, I still did some hefty work in POST to bring out the eyes and other aspects of the subject against the background.

Grading technique was straight from LOG colour space, some RGB curves for the "look"/colour, Masks for each area such as eyes and then a simple LUMA corrector to bring the levels right down - the highlights are just hitting above 60% really.